Quality Management for Business Excellence

Lead Quality Management in the Organization • Transform the Organization to Become the Best-in-Class

Course Summary

 Here is what everyone in the organization should know:  

* Definitions of Quality  
 - - How can you achieve quality if you don't understand what quality is?  
 * Why do businesses need to produce quality products?  
 * Understand Garvin's eight dimensions of quality: Performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality.  
 * Difference between Quality and Grade  
 * Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control  
 * Quality Management System  
 * History of Quality  
 * Quality Tools  
 - - Learn about seven basic quality tools.  
 * Quality Costs - or the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)  
 - - Visible and invisible costs of quality  
 - - Prevention cost, appraisal cost, internal failure costs and external failure costs  
 * Why do we need to measure the cost of quality?  
 * Quality Awards - Deming Award, EFQM and MBNQA  
 - - In this section, you will learn about these three top global quality awards.  
 * Quality Gurus - Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran and Philip Crosby.  
 - - In this section learn about the life and teachings of these quality gurus.  
 * Understanding waste  
 - - Three broad categories of waste: Muda, Mura and Muri  
 - - TIMWOODS  Transportation,  Inventory,  Motion,  Waiting,  Overprocessing / Extra Processing,  Overproduction,  Defects,  Skills Underutilized / Non-Utilized Talent

Course Curriculum

Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar has more than 35 years of Quality Management experience. He has worked as Quality Manager/Director on a number of projects, including Power, Oil and Gas and Infrastructure projects.

In addition, he provides consulting services to implement Lean Six Sigma to improve performance. 

His areas of specialization include Quality Assurance, ISO 9001:2015, Lean, Six Sigma, Risk Management, QMS Audits, Supplier Quality Surveillance, Supplier Pre-qualification, Construction Quality, Mechanical Inspection and Quality Training.

Professional Qualifications:

His professional qualification/certifications include: 

• ASQ-CSSBB, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
• ASQ-CMQ/OE Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence
• PMI-PMP Certified Project Management Professional

• IRCA Registered Lead Auditor (QMS-2015)

• IIA-CIA Certified Internal Auditor
• ASQ-CSSGB, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

• ASQ-CQA Certified Quality Auditor

• ASQ-CQE Certified Quality Engineer

Leonardo Jr Del Carmen 


"Lectures are exceptionally in-depth that breaks down the topics into surprisingly understandable level even to those new to six sigma. The extensive discussion of each item in the BOK gives advanced students a more thorough appreciation of the topics. The contents are even more detailed and well structured compared to more expensive online courses."

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